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 To provide a high quality, safe and effective solution for today's rolled curb gutter issues.



Thank you very much for your fantastic product! I will recommend it to everyone I know and everyone I do not know. The quality is excellent and it looks fantastic. As for the price it is the cheapest you can get in Australia.

~ Christopher, Burleigh Waters​

​I am very happy with the Ezi-Curb product and how it has transformed our troublesome driveway into a super smooth entry. It fits perfectly in the QLD angled gutters. I considered other options/products but believe Ezi-Curb to be the best, most cost effective, and the safest material to put there with regards to pedestrians and bicycles. Thanks!


Mark, Albany Creek​

​Fantastic service, thank you! I cant understand how you can ship such an item to the South Coast so quickly. I have already glued the two parts together and will start using the Ezi-Curb ramp tomorrow. So easy, unbelievable how simple the solution is!


~ Eddie, Tura Beach