the rolled gutter solution

What is Ezi-Curb?

To put it simply .. Ezi-Curb is the solution to the most common driveway issue - the infamous front bumper scrape!


Our modular driveway ramps are specifically designed to lay into your driveways rolled gutter to not only protect your vehicle from damage but also provide a trouble-free entrance while still allowing stormwater to flow.

Ezi-Curb comes in straight & curved sections which can be mixed & matched to suit different size driveways and cul-de-sac locations.

Road Tripping
Car Mechanics
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Modern Neighborhood

A stellar driveway experience

Save money on repairs

Doesn't impede drainage

Protects your car & driveway

Neighbourhood friendly

How It Works

Get a Quote 

Simply submit your contact details and get a free quote on your Ezi-Curb solution, custom made to your driveway.

Check Measure & Creation

Ou ramps suit standard straight, cul-de-sac and curved driveways. We check measure and create your ramp to order.

Freighting & Install

We provide installation services for Sydney Metro Customers and can organise installation around your timelines/needs.

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You may have heard us by other names

Driveway ramps

Curb ramps

Gutter crossings

Rolled gutter modifiers

Scrape Protectors

Vehicle ramp aids

Plans & Pricing


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