EZI-CURB The rolled gutter solution

Is your car scraping on your driveway? Is your car being damaged due to driveway impact? Is the angle of your driveway causing your car to scrape? Is your car just too low to get into the driveway?

Finally there is a solution to your common rolled gutter driveway issues. Ezi-Curb is a cost effective modular driveway ramp specifically designed to lay into your driveways rolled gutter.

Ezi-Curb's Patented design driveway ramp protects your vehicles undercarriage and front & rear bumpers from damage to provide a trouble free entrance while still allowing storm water to flow.

Ezi-Curb comes in straight & curved sections which can be mixed & matched to suit different size driveways and cul-de-sac locations.


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Protecting your investments is one of the many benefits of installing an Ezi-Curb ramp.


Ezi-Curb comes in a range of sizes to suit both straight and cul-de-sac driveways. Prices start from $550.