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Everything you need to know and more!

What is Ezi-Curb made from?

Ezi-Curb is constructed from solid vulcanised rubber. 

What do you require to provide a quote?

All we need to know is the width of your driveway and your suburb & post code (for installation & freight purposes).

If your driveway is an odd shape or you are unsure what ramp you require, please forward through photos.

What is the installation process?

Please see video 


Does Ezi-Curb cater for curved driveways and cul de sacs?

We have three designs - ramps for straight, curved and the other variant is driveways in cul de sacs.

Does Ezi-Curb require any maintenance?

Ezi-Curb is a hassle free solution to your driveway issues.

All that is required is to ensure the drainage channel stays clear from debris, to allow natural storm water to flow through. 

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Do I need Council Approval?

Each Council has their own set of bylaws therefore they are all different. You will need to contact your local Council for their rules and regulations. 

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