Everything you need to know and more!

What are the dimensions?

Ezi-Curb’s unique design makes the entry into your driveway ultra-smooth and trouble-free. 

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What do you require to provide a quote?

All we need to know is the width of your driveway and your suburb & post code (for installation & freight purposes). If your driveway is an odd shape or you are unsure what ramp you require, please forward through photos.

What joining method is used to keep Ezi-Curb together?

Ezi-Curb has created a unique male/female joining method that not only secures each piece together but also allows for slight manoeuvrability where required.

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Does Ezi-Curb cater for curved driveways and cul de sacs?

We have three designs, ramps for straight, curved and the other varient is driveways in cul de sacs.

Does Ezi-Curb require any maintenance?

The benefits range from protecting your cars underside against damage or waking your baby from their sleep. Whether you have a low profile car or one of today's modern vehicles, Ezi-Curb is the rolled gutter solution for you.

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